Membership Center

Please note this section of the SAH website is administered by Cornerstone Registration, Ltd. and requires that you Log-in to their database.  This log-in also provides access to the "MEMBER'S LIBRARY" that is limited to members only.

In addition to JOINING or RENEWING your membership, you can also use this section of the website to SEARCH for other members, both active and inactive.


  • On the left of this page click – “Existing SAH members click here.
  • Enter your own membership number and password
  • You now see your own details but go to the tabs at the TOP ROW and click on SEARCH MEMBERS
  • You now have a number of alternative boxes to use to search a member, whether by membership number (the least ambiguous), name , interest or location.
  • The default setting is for active members but you can include inactive members in your search.
  • The search results show at the bottom of the page.